Personal Injury Lawyer Kelowna

saraVisit accident lawyer – Many people hire a personal injury lawyer after they have been in a car crash or any other accident that has resulted in a monetary loss or personal injury. While you can file a personal injury claim by yourself, this route is typically only chosen by those who have only suffered mild injuries and are capable of researching the legal claim processes.

Why and When It’s Important

Not hiring a personal injury attorney will save you some money, but hiring one will help you go up against the likes of auto insurance companies and their legal advisors. Your personal accident lawyer is well aware of the personal injury law and procedural rules and can handle all the legal work effectively.

The lawyers of the companies know how to reduce the compensation and can even deny the claim altogether. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is recommended for those with severe injuries, expensive medical bills, and significant wage loss due to the injuries.

Generally, the severity of an injury is measured by the injury sustained, the length of recovery time, medical expenses and costs of future medical procedures.

Long-Term Injury

A long-term injury lasts for a year or more, but a permanent injury disables the person for life. These injuries affect not only your ability to be employed but also your quality of life.

However, proving long-term or permanent injuries is a tricky business, and it’s better to have a personal injury lawyer by your side. Your personal injury attorney will consult the medical professionals and even request their presence during legal proceedings.

Disputed Liability

Some insurance companies often dispute that their client is not liable for the personal injury claim, which means they’re disputing that their policyholder isn’t at fault or they’re claiming that you don’t have proof of fault. In either case, the insurance company won’t be responsible for the compensation. Having a personal injury lawyer in such a case will help provide proof of fault and getting the deserved compensation.

Refusal to Pay

Refusal to pay, which doesn’t necessarily arise from disputed liability, or refusal to pay the fair amount of compensation is when the company doesn’t make a fair settlement offer or any offer, for that matter.

Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Due to situations such as statutes of limitation, it’s essential to hire a personal injury lawyer and get the claim process underway. However, you don’t need to hire the first lawyer that you see on a billboard.

Personal Injury Focus

Just like there are many specialists in the field of medicine, there are lawyers who focus on respective areas of law. Having a personal injury lawyer gets you years of practice and experience in personal injury law. These lawyers have worked on car accidents, slip and fall accidents, work-related injuries and premise liability cases.

Attorney’s Reputation

Make sure you confirm the attorney’s reputation before signing on a personal injury lawyer. This can be done by simply hopping online, searching the attorney’s name and seeing what people are saying about them.

Make sure your personal injury lawyer is dedicated to your case and evaluate your comfort level with the lawyer.